Easy OMR Software

Easy OMR Software

Easy OMR is one kind of OMR machine that is used in evaluating MCQ answer sheet with the best possible accuracy rate. It visions to subdue the manually operated OMR sheet which always bears the high risk of error. Besides, it ensures more transparency and non-biasness in evaluation.

How OMR Software works ?

It’s the combination of a high speed scanner and a software , all of which have made its working principle easy and simple. Initially the scanner scans the all of the MCQ answer sheets to convert them into images; then the images are saved at computer, and finally the software processes the images to prepare merit list.

Advantages of our OMR Software

  1. 100% accuracy
  2. At least 1500 answer sheets can be evaluated per hour.
  3. Merit list preparation is instantaneous with evaluation.
  4. Comparatively low cost. No maintenance cost as well.
  5. Easily portable because of convenient size.
  6. Re-evaluation is possible and merit list is also instantaneous in that case as the images are saved at computer.
  7. Customizable as per the customers demand.

How much technological efficiency is needed to run it?

To be very frank, no technological efficiency is needed.  The only thing you need to know is to operate a computer.

So far how much reliability has OMR achieved?

Some of the renowned institutions have already used OMR with great success.  Very recently, Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA) has used it, in its executive body election, to count the number of votes and has fed back us well.

What facilities do we usually provide to the OMR clients?

  • High speed Scanner: warranty 1 year
  • OMR sheet design for clients
  • Necessary training.