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EasyOMR Technology

Modern OMR Technology is a special type of OMR software that is used in evaluating MCQ answer sheet with 100% accuracy rate. It visions to subdue the traditional OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) machine which always bears the high risk of error. As opposed to traditional OMR device, the Modern OMR Technology ensures 100% accuracy and transparency in evaluation process.

Basic Operation

Like our Optical Counting System (OCS), Modern OMR Technology is also a combination of high speed scanners and Modern OMR Software running on a Laptop or desktop computer. Initially, the scanner scans all the MCQ sheets to convert them into images; then the images are saved into computer and finally the Modern OMR Software processes them to generate the final merit list within the time of a simple mouse click.

Where It Can Be Used

It has a vast application arena. Some of the common types are as follows:

  • Educational institutions i.e. Schools, Colleges and Universities etc.
  • Recruitment process in Bank, Insurance Company, Govt. /Private Organization and NGOs etc.
  • Conducting survey


We provide highly customized Modern OMR Technology depending on our client’s demand and according to their individual OMR sheet orientation.

Advantages and Efficiency

  • Modern OMR Technology guarantees 100% accuracy which is not be possible all the time with traditional OMR machine as it mainly operate on reflection of light which may sometime misbehave due to the OMR’s physical characteristics
  • Modern OMR Technology is experimentally much more efficient than its counterpart.
  • At least 20000 answer sheets (OMR sheets) can be evaluated per hour
  • Unlike traditional OMR machine, Modern OMR Technology produces low maintenance cost.
  • Unlike traditional OMR machine,Modern OMR Technology is very simple to operate.

Support and Services

Usually we do provide two types of support and services to our valuable clients depending on their requisitions. As follows:

EasyOMR Solution: In solution category, we sell the Modern OMR Technology with one year of license agreement. After one year, client has to renew the license agreement for the next year. Moreover, we also provide one month free service with first year license agreement. Modern OMR solution includes:

  • EasyOMR software
  • High speed scanner
  • OMR sheet design and supply

EasyOMR Service: In Modern OMR Service category, we provide full “support and service” for a specific period of time or event. We sign an agreement with the client only for that period of time. After the event completion, the agreement will be terminated automatically. For more detail information, you are suggested to contact our Business Development team.


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